This Sin

Wash it off

Just wash it off

This sin I may have committed

Return it to its basest form

Where it belongs not to this world I call mine.

When the clock is bound to oppose the suffering of Christ

The snake visits

And it uses its only power; to seduce

It delivers the apple:

Once bitten, the forgiving no longer forgives,

Unless penance is paid.

But I refuse to pay

For I am proud

Of this manufactured self I call my own

Proud of a path I believe I had chosen

Proud of scars I thought had been forcefully inflicted

Proud of… oh too many.

And that has been my penance,

To forever remain, proud.

An eternal conflict reaches my bones

One I had read of, seen with the eyes

In those I believed doomed for their wrongs.

A conflict that shall never bear resolution

One that has lead many to fateful fatal truth.

But I turn my face,

Refuse to combat in this swirl,

This pendulum of choice

That they believed shall alter

Unwaveringly towards right.

It turns its turn

Terminates tired tendencies

Towards an ultimate wrong

One I recognize but cannot reconcile with.

This sin,

Bring it forth to an alter where a line no longer exists

Bring it forth,

To a world I call nothing,

But my own.


One thought on “This Sin

  1. Romeo

    I can see every droplet of your personality in this poem. Not the pain side of it, but the proud manufactured strong part of it I saw and still see growing every day. I might not be qualified to say if this is good or bad, but I love it a lot and i noticed that it’s got quiet the smooth and soothing rhythm to it.

    great work as usual. You never let your fans down =)


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