I abandon the world,

Leave behind all my ponderings

My thoughts of myself, and others.

I adjourn my pain, suspend my love.

And witness the birth of a Snowflake.

I watch as it falls from the heavens,

Swaying with every movement of the wind

Until it rests in my palm.

Its warm cold sends shivers within my being

And I close my eyes to capture its essence

Within, I feel the whole world standing, watching

And waiting anxiously for a touch of this beauty.

The snow abandons winter,

Gathers around my skin and buries me within me

On a ride of beauty in the realm of imagination.

I carry the Snowflake close to my heart,

For it, among the flocks of others, is the only

To keep it burning, pounding,

And gushing blood, nourishing my existence.

And as the snow around me begins to melt

The world giving way of its cruelty,

The snowflake remains inside my fist

Tightly safe within my grasp.

I open my eyes,

And find the world

Never standing, never watching,

And never waiting…


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