Sonnet 1

Bring forth the Sun and have it weep to ash,
Call down the Moon from its silver kingdom,
Forbid the Planets’ move prevent their clash,
And gather Stars from their beloved home.

For never shall the Sun or Moon or Stars
Withstand this blazing beauty Earth bestowed.
Not the whole planets, not Venus or Mars
Shall desecrate the light upon your brow.

May fair from fair forever decline,
And the remains of beauty fade from sight.
May the Earth and Sky together align,
Your view shall forever possess its might

Shall the Planets cease play or stars their gleam,
Shall my love its soul forsake her wild dream.

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7 thoughts on “Sonnet 1

  1. Tofy

    It’s definitely strong. I would have liked to see some more punctuation though, especially in the third line of the first stanza. I don’t know I think I have an idea of what you mean. The imagery and use of metaphors is nice, but I suggest you try to find better rhymes… ex: brow and bestowed … =/
    I know you can do wonders to this.
    Faithful in your abilities, Tofy

  2. Dima R Hmaidaih

    I am not going to put myself in the position of the “Judge” or “Critic” as well, I am going to enjoy
    the ultimate meanings, transcendental visions and the connotations of the words used.

    I deadly liked the “Couplet” :
    “Shall the Planets cease play or stars their gleam
    Shall my love its soul forsake her wild dream.”

    Yea.. “wild dream” and wild work as well =) Keep it up, Ribal

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