Sonnet 2

The tides are tied for the least child to play
The woes and pains a dream he dreams awake
Within his world of wonders safe he stays
Awaiting lights to light and days to break.

But days of gone are ones of forlorn past
Where innocence’s a virtue without keys
These days of dreaming drift as pebbles last
Upon the raging shores of rainy seas.

Time tolls its toll and the winds go whirling
Breaking dreams of youth into pieces frail
The yesterdays turn into ghosts hurling
All hopes asunder with the lightest gale.

We dare to dream but dreaming’s bound to cease
Until with final sleep we sing our peace.

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5 thoughts on “Sonnet 2

  1. Tofy

    Lovely flow, lovely metaphors, my interpretation of this is that it’s exquisitely sad, how dreams are bound to end… If I’d change anything, it would be “Upon the rainy shores of raging seas,” instead of what you have…

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