In Mockery

In mockery laugh at what hearts do hold most desire,

At anguish laugh while gales do set your ships to sail,

But when tempests do toss your boat to wrecked seas,

Do laugh at laughter when others the skies do strike.


8 thoughts on “In Mockery

    1. theRibz Post author

      the reason I liked your post was because it so reminded me of my earlier poetry, the freestyle easy flow… But as years went by, I developed in an extremely different way as you can see. This particular poem is written in iambic form, the form William Shakespeare uses, but instead of the 10 syllables, I wrote my poem in 12. The assonance and alliteration are mostly influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, the musicality in his poetry made me write so much better. I do like your poetry and I hope you work on it, and with a little bit of time, effort and reading, you can write great stuff!


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