Thank You :)

It has been 7 weeks since I have been publishing the story Forever Alive, and til date, the series has been read over 1000 times, with extremely positive feedback and amazing reviews. And so it occurred to me to gather some of the best comments I have gotten on the series, into one post as a way to thank you for your devotion and continuous support.

– “WOW … great writing. You have definitely created an anticipation in your reader (so, don’t keep us waiting too long – LOL!) The introduction leads me to believe this is a true story?”

by fiztrainer on Walk Into The Blue

– “i really love how suddenly when his ideas and influence were finally aligned & tangible it all drifted away from him again through a grand reality check of a car crash”

by Marwan on Walk Into The Blue

“You write fluently in a way that immideatly catches my attention, drifting back and forth between pure content and sudden visuals. Such as the final hook in this part when he smashes into the car. That would make a perfect illustration :) “

by OlaG illustration on Walk Into The Blue

– “Can’t wait :p What’s going to happen next ?! I enjoyed it although I shed tears ^^ Great work.”

by Dima R Hmaidaih on Lapses

-“I sat in my tiny office and I dropped everything, including a forever bursting herd of worries and struggling thoughts, to entangle myself in your story.
I already love Karim.
A good writer can touch the strings of any soul…”

by Branimira on Lapses

– ” ‘His mother was in the room and that meant the world was fine.’ What an incredible line. A good friend of mine recently died of a brain tumour after enduring years of treatment. He left behind his wife and unborn child. I hope Karim leaves as great an impact on the world he resides in as my good friend did. Great writing.”

by Anita Parmar on Lapses

“You keep holding interest in the story by adding new intriguing bits, and cleverly revealing the hook with the tumour at the end of this part. As in the first part, you also have a great visual. In this case i get a picture in my head when he’s waking up in the hostpital bed. Great!”

by OlaG illustration on Lapses

“I’m in two minds. :) but then i like his defiance. and also, in a way i agree, reminds me of Terry Pratchett and his life story… rather a shorter life being happy who you are… but then also i wonder… if he was older and had a wife and children… would he sacrifice his own joys for having extra time to spend with those who love him… to be or not to be a writer… to sacrifice or not… that is the question”

by skymunki on The Gift

“I would choose my Gift as well…I would want to feel my blood rushing through my veins knowing, yes, it is me…I breathe, I dream, I get inspired… Great job on this one!”

by Branimira on The Gift

“I would choose the gift. It’s better to have a short but creative life, than risk a long life in which you’ve lost all that once defined you. Who are the parents thinking of here – themselves or Karim? Do they really want it on their conscience if things go wrong? Why would they risk turning their son into a stranger? It would be like a term of imprisonment for him, and possibly for them, too.

Your piece of writing makes very emotive reading and opens up many questions. It is a nightmare scenario so well portrayed.”

by sarahpotterwrites on The Gift

“This is very attention-grabbing, You are an excessively professional writer. I have joined your rss feed and stay up for seeking more of your magnificent post.”

by Alyse Buben on Fights

“This is amazing writing, it brought tears to my eyes. Incidentally, my Christian sister has finally just married her Muslim boyfriend she met 30 years ago.”

by Fiona Pimentel on Erupt

And last but not least, Walid M Rihane’s analysis of the whole series, chapter by chapter has been heartwarming. Here is his analysis of Lapses

“He is in reality now. That is reality for Kareem, painful. Now he can’t escape to any other virtual place to fantasize. His broken body is what Kareem’s reality is. The accident he had showed him that his life is nothing but pain, mainly caused by his father, and guilt because he feels that he has always been a burden to his family.

His parents, unlike him, seem to be very realistic. Karen, is probably the “drug” he uses to cease this pain he suffers from. Him being addicted to this “drug” to live in reverie made his parents unsatisfied. As long as she was never beside him, and as long as his parents are around, Kareem is in pain. “

by Walid M Rihane on Lapses

I would like to thank every single person who has read the series, and to all my loyal readers, without whom I would not have been publishing at all.

Much, much love,


4 thoughts on “Thank You :)

  1. VenusVee

    Omg Ive been gone from word press for a while! Im so getting on this ASAP. I really enjoyed the Stranger. 🙂 and congrats on your amazing short stories.

  2. Alva Stavros

    I just want to say I’m all new to blogging and truly loved you’re page. Most likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You absolutely have fantastic well written articles. Kudos for sharing with us your blog.


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