To My Beloved

As we made our love,
I bit my teeth inside my own skin
You have consumed me wretched,
And I here, your beloved, am avenged.

By the name of thy heart I shall endure
By the name of thy love, I shan’t…

Mend your words, lest you save that heart of mine.
Utter resonant syllables, and iambic musicals
Sing for my heart, give life to its feathered wings.
Mend your words, lest you relieve that broken heart.

I beseech you, and deplore your mercy,
For I die alone, each night, mourning
Your arms, your lips, your love
I mourn them gone, I mourn them dead

…and are we dead?

Plainness I beg, I wish you not
Heave your heart into your mouth.
Cut me, slay me, kill and betray me
But give no words of flattery.

we are dead…

Let it be so, thy truth then be our allegiance spared
From this hour forth, we cease to be,
Gaea forebode our souls to clash
A stranger to my heart your love shall live.

Avoid my sight for I see no more
I hear no more, and am no more
I shall wallow alone unaffectioned
Be you my sworn,
Eternally, and forever
My beloved.

November 2009


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