Crudelis 4- The Beating Stops

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He must die.

There was no other way around what Shannon knew was the inevitable and what she had been avoiding for a long time now. She had been too stupid and too fearful, and she must have known it will all come down to this in the end.

Davis will stop her if he had threatened to do so, she knew he had the power. And as she walked into her apartment after her jog with Miles, she began shivering at the thought that terrified her. Davis was a threat to the three years she had spent planning to reach everything she’d desired, and it was about time she had gotten rid of the danger he imposed.

It took her a quick shower to calm the nerves of the realization. She had 12 hours, during which he must die, and she must kill him.

When she first opened her eyes, the beautiful man she had deemed a fantasy of her dreaming mind stared at her with colorless eyes. His hand was caressing her skin, and she instantly felt the flame burning beneath the surface.

He smiled as she woke, and the fear came back when she remembered what had happened. He helped her up, and her mind was yet again hazy from the occurrence before she had swooned.

She glanced at the rip in Liam’s shirt where the blade had penetrated, and the furious beat in her chest reminded her how it had struck Liam’s chest and how it had left him unharmed.

“Strike the heart…” He said through smiling lips, as though he had read her mind. “…to kill.”

He could see she was still shaken.

“I know, a display of that sort is not easy for the eyes. But I believe it was the fastest way for you to believe me.” He handed her a glass of water reminding her of the thirst and draught in her throat.

She looked at the glass, hesitant. And Liam sniggered.

“It’s only water. Go on.”

She sipped at first, feeling the tasteless liquid on her tongue, and then drained the glass in one gulp. Wiping her lips with a sleeve, she looked at Liam, waiting for the words to come out.

“How… You stabbed your own heart. You’re… you’re alive.”

“Alive is an understatement.” His voice infallible of humor as Shannon’s nerves began to slowly calm. “I’ve been alive for quite a time now.”

His eyes left hers. The grey almost gave way to the slightest hint of color as he stood to pace the room. Shannon was on her feet as well facing Liam’s back.

“You mean you really… are… immortal? How… How is that possible?”

“You would be surprised at the possibilities Shannon.” He said as he turned to face her, the blade clutched in his hand.

Her eyes staggered between meeting his, and the silver of the blade. Liam lowered his eyes, held the blade across his own wrist.

“May I?”

Shannon almost drew back, but her fear was slowly giving way to fascination. She nodded.

The silver blade licked through Liam’s bare skin where the veins must have circulated blood, feeding his life. But with eyes wide, she saw no blood dripping, no flinch of his face, no feeling. The blade came out silver clean, and the cut in Liam’s wrist seemed to close itself instantly, and in the matter of seconds it was as though nothing had penetrated its smoothness.

“Join me.” The eyes of grey smiled at her, and it was all it took to get Shannon to say yes.

The calm that overwhelmed before the show her was something she had never felt. The power she felt she had within her hand, the unflinching eyes and the grasp of steel; the unshaken nerves and the unbeating heart were things that only promised a beginning coveted by every living soul. She had expected it would hurt, and that she would grieve saddened by the deed she was most scared to perform. But Shannon sat, as they moistened her lips, painted her face and brushed her hair, readying her for a performance the generation and the ones to come were never to forget.

“Get me Miles. I need to speak with him.” Her voice felt easy to flow in the backroom of the stage, where thousands were gathering to hear her sing.

A shuffling among everyone began, looking for the singer’s friend whom she had always relied on to talk her into peace before every major performance, saying words of encouragement, hugging her tightly, promising she would nail it, and that the people will be screaming for her. It had always made her feel like she had belonged, his voice, his embrace had made her feel the world was hers.

And tonight, although she had no need for any of the rituals of comfort he had provided in the past, although the accomplishment had finally been secured, and more than any night before, Shannon needed Miles. Without him, her most desired dream she had been promised 3 years ago, would never come true.

In 10 minutes she would go on stage, sing for the first time liberated of breath and blood, she sat in her backroom, alone and waiting for her signal to go out. Word had gotten to her that Miles was nowhere to be found. He had not even been seen since they all had gathered in preparation for the show. Phones were busy trying to contact him, but he would not pick up. And Shannon, who had no more hope that he would show, would have felt a surge of betrayal. But her heart which had stopped its beating earlier that day had numbed her every single emotion. Shannon had become finally, and at last immortal.

A knock on her door, and Shannon stood before the mirror. She admired her figure, gently shuffling her hair, adding the very last touches to her look, for she wanted to look nothing less than perfect. It must be her signal to go out. The show will be starting now, and Shannon would perform the way she had never done before. She would anoint herself immortal to the eyes, and reveal to the world a woman indestructible and invulnerable to both man and time.

She opened the door, and her unbeating heart thumped. Loud, it beat in her chest. Loud, its sound reached her ears. Even though it had stopped only hours ago, Shannon thought she had forgotten its existence.

Before her stood as though from a forgotten dream, a face she would never forget; the face of death and immortality combined, love and lust detained in beats, and eyes so grey they discolored the world.

“Shannon… after so long, you look beautiful.” His smile ungraved the memories.

She looked at the eyes of grey in horror.


[…to be continued]

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