Criminal 2- Under The Smoke

Criminal 1          Criminal 2- Under The Smoke          Criminal 3- Spark


Criminal 1

Indoctrinated minds so very often contain sick thoughts and commit most of the evils they preach against. They lust and they sin, they make deals with devils by glorifying  gods they pretend to worship. They take the most sacred of acts and turn them into infamy, they burn scriptures and call the smoke incense.

And the mass follows, the mass condemns, because the mass does not understand: It’s easier to destroy than to build. From its own broken pieces and shards, the mass assembles a cracked mirror it believes to hold the vision of perfection, and along with the resounding voices of those of power, the indoctrinating minds, this vision becomes the basis of judgement.

[Read the rest in book form soon]


3 thoughts on “Criminal 2- Under The Smoke

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  2. JadB

    i had to read Criminal 1 before going through this.. when i was 1st reading it, i noticed the direct way of narrating events and i was like “ummm, there’s something missing”. but u did not disappoint me. it’s all here in this part!!
    You just had your own tragic moment while you are miles and miles away!! i was there couple of days ago and the place never looked as beautiful as described in here.
    As for Charlie, nice/smart choice of a name!! I’m trying not to think of what would have happened to him, just for the sake of good times talking about Charlie (charlie is a stimulating name, and i bet each one of us -readers- has his/her own association with the name) !!
    Looking forward for what’s gonna happen!!!!!

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