Criminal 3- Spark

Criminal 1          Criminal 2- Under The Smoke

 They say we are born with a spark in our eyes, one that starts in the heart and glows through the eyelids. A spark that burns so faintly that it can be barely noticed. It manages to keep us young and innocent, and it chases away the grudges and the heartaches of youth, freshens our souls and preserves our innocence. This spark is that of wonder: at the novelty of the world around us and the life ahead of us, at the fresh air and the morning suns, at the rain and the passing of time. This spark also makes the time go by so slowly that we feel that eternity is what lies ahead of us, and that there is nothing that can stop us. This spark starts to lose itself gradually with the coming of age, experience, heartache and trauma. It loses its gleam with the betrayal we suffer and the broken promises, until finally… it goes into its death as we encounter and come to understand the meaning of the ever existing dark side of man: Evil. And try as we may to keep that spark, hold it and cage it, protect it from its imminent death and leave it burning within our chests and blazing through our eyes, we are all bound to one day lose it to the ways of life and its injustice.

[Read the rest in book form soon]

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