About theRibz

Writing eternity and Erasing,

The marks infinity shall leave behind.

Heroes fall, and beggars soar

Along a journey of fall and rise,

I force knowledge to fulfill my purpose, and I–

A proud creator whose demise shall be brought

By none but my own arrogance.

I reflect upon what was to create what could,

construct lives not far from my own,

And with my own will, demolish with endings

I am aware I shall meet.


Latest publications: In Times Gone By, Wisp and Starmaker


43 thoughts on “About theRibz

  1. ahmed

    The Story of Dust is a beautiful representation of the scary concept of life and death. It’s beautifully written and gets to a climax that would make the stone shiver. A bit too happy of an ending for my taste; if the ending were a little more depressing, I would have surrendered my tears for this masterpiece.

    Ribal I think you are a brilliant mind and I’m proud to have read one out of so many of your beautiful creations and I cannot wait to read more.

  2. theribz Post author

    Thank you Ahmed for your kind words. I believe in life we have both, happy, and tragic endings. And I will not be true to my art if I were not to represent such belief in my writings, but of course, I do understand that to each person his taste, perhaps you will enjoy more Orey and The Golden Apple, or the extremely depressing When Innocence Died, both stories are on the blog if you should wish to read them.

  3. maharlikhaila

    Your description of yourself, as if it breaths, it moves, it orbits on a central theme of life and death– and then there’s you who sees and understands it and other people too who are all bound by the truth that we’ve lived and we shall die–soon.

  4. ~R.L.King

    lovely writing, thought provoking, also…thanks for the like on mine, it always means alot from the other writiers I admire.

  5. sidmary

    heyyy ribz!! i have been really enjoying your blog…but how do you manage to put several posts on one page??? when i create a new page, it only allows one post :/

  6. liamodell1

    Thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts! I really appreciate it! 🙂 Glad to see that you’re a writer too! Great writing style! 🙂

    The next NaNoWriMo update is up soon! Be sure to follow to find out when it is posted! 🙂


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