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Criminal 3- Spark

Criminal 1          Criminal 2- Under The Smoke

 They say we are born with a spark in our eyes, one that starts in the heart and glows through the eyelids. A spark that burns so faintly that it can be barely noticed. It manages to keep us young and innocent, and it chases away the grudges and the heartaches of youth, freshens our souls and preserves our innocence. Continue reading


Criminal 2- Under The Smoke

Criminal 1          Criminal 2- Under The Smoke          Criminal 3- Spark


Criminal 1

Indoctrinated minds so very often contain sick thoughts and commit most of the evils they preach against. They lust and they sin, they make deals with devils by glorifying  gods they pretend to worship. They take the most sacred of acts and turn them into infamy, they burn scriptures and call the smoke incense. Continue reading

Criminal 1

Criminal 1          Criminal 2- Under The Smoke          Criminal 3- Spark

I have gotten used to it by now. The year is almost over, and I will have the time to cry it out. But now, I have to face it like a man. I must never show any sign of weakness. Continue reading