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Upon the peak of Mountain Star he lived. His back was bent of old age and habit, for he had spent nights and days that eventually turned into a lifetime of labour meticulously searching through sands of the world, to find that occasional grain, that one dust in the wastes that he would keep, carry all the way to his home, nurture, love and then release.
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Harris And The Fates

Once upon a space, there lived three spirits created by the gods, called The Fates; set each across a dimension of the Earth.

The first spirit named Hala wove silvery threads and set them across the land for the second spirit, Lema to measure its’ lengths and breathe purpose into them, while the third spirit Mera cut them at the right moment. Each of these threads woven, represented human life.

Time did not exist. Life on earth was peaceful, and people’s perception of it was simple. People lived until the purpose given by Lema to them was fulfilled, and they understood they were bound and shaped by the Fates.

They never grieved for death, because they knew when their threads are cut, it meant they have reached their limits, and that their purpose shall remain among their beloved, adding meaning and depth to the fabric of life.

But one day, as a boy named Harris slept in the comfort of his bed, a demon visited him in his dreams in the form of a god.

The boy dreamed he was that god, that he was powerful and limitless, but above all: Immortal.

The demon that came to his dreams left by morning as the boy started to wake, but behind it, it left a seed. Planted within the depth of the boy’s mind; a seed that would grow with him, to become pride. Continue reading

The Story of Dust

Among the tales Cara heard her mother tell her while growing up, was the tale of Father Dust who lived at the proximity of the moon. The tale was about the old man who rode a magical cart and traveled the moon to collect Dust by day and spread it in the sky so that when evening comes, new stars are born. And with each star, a new human life sprang. But whenever any piece of Dust began to forget its origin, it started to fade, and eventually stopped from shining, becoming just another speck in the universe and ending the life it had given birth to.

Cara loved the story of Father Dust and asked her mother to tell it every night before going to sleep.

But one night, while Cara’s mother told her the story, she saw tears stream down her mother’s cheeks and she did not complete the story. Continue reading

Orey And The Golden Apple

It was told of a boy named Orey, who lived with his mother in a shack in the depth of woods. The years had passed them in solitude when the mother fell terribly ill. Afraid to leave his mother alone, but aware of its inevitability; he set on a journey far and by, across lands and rivers to find a remedy for his mother’s illness. No man or physicist felt for his suffering, and they all objected accompanying him to see for his mother’s condition, until he fell across an old shepherd who told him the tale of the Three Sisters; Mida, Levan, and Nera, guardians of an ancient garden set behind the highest peak of the mountain Hera. At the center of this garden grew a tree that gave golden apples given by Mother Earth as a gift when creation took place. These apples had many magical powers among which, healing any human illness.

So Orey decided to find that magical garden, and ask the Three Sisters for one of their golden apples.

For months he ventured deep into the hearts of nature to find Mt. Hera, until he finally found it, and climbed all the way to peak Find and down to the other side, where he was told he would find the End of Land. When he reached the bottom of the mountain, he set sight upon the most beautiful garden he had seen in his life. Continue reading

Paradise Burnt

He trots the ashes silently trying to find something to salvage from the crash. The after-world has ended. This immortality he was promised is not as perfect as he’s imagined. Heaven is now burnt, and he realizes it has full reason to.

The gardens of Eden now extend before him covered with black soot, shimmering. The sky has crashed, leaving a white hole of infinite dimension where another universe loomed.

He looks around for a friend, any face he might recognize but the shadows walking around him are consumed in eating the remains of fallen sky. Continue reading

Chased by the Wolves

Chased by the wolves, she ran for her life. Rain pouring and washing the tears she had shed, she felt her breath going with every step. In the woods she found no aid. No helping hand or a loving heart. She was alone.
She heard the howls behind her, but had no time to look back. One glance might cost her life. She kept running.

In a hut far in the depth of the forest, a loner writer sits by the window, seeking inspiration and sipping his glass of wine. Searching for words, he finds none. He remembers words of love long forgotten and tries to pour them onto pages of unwritten texts, but all is in vain. Chasing away nightmares haunting his wake, he scribbles lines he does not understand, he tells the story of a maiden who takes his breath, whose beauty he inspires from dim memories from the days of yore. Continue reading