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10 Favourite Books of 2013

It’s that time of year again when good-byes are said, and lists of the best moments of the passing year are relived. My way of reliving my year is through books, because every book I read leaves memories with it: Of where I had read it, my emotional state when reading, the images it had painted, and the way it has changed me. So without further ado, here is a list of my favourite books of 2013.
Please note that not all these books were published in 2013, they are simply the best 10 I had read during the year.
10. Azazeel- Youssef ZiedanScreen Shot 2013-12-26 at 6.21.24 PM

Like a whimsical poem, this book gave so much insight about cultures I had never been familiar with. Poetic in language, slow paced and everything a romantic could hope for. Continue reading


Forever Alive 8- Tomorrow

Forever Alive 1    Forever Alive 2    Forever Alive 3    Forever Alive 4    Forever Alive 5    Forever Alive 6    Forever Alive 7    Forever Alive 8    Forever Alive 9

Karim woke up the next day refusing to open his eyes. He stayed in bed till well after noon. He curled in the sheets hiding the light from penetrating his wake. He desired nothing more than to stay in bed, as the world passed him, slowly consuming the remainder of his life. At that moment, he wanted to lie in the shadows, allowing time to elapse him. Tomorrow he would rise, would leave bed, he would think and react. Tomorrow he would feel, he would hurt and he would face the mockery of the world. Tomorrow, Karim would wake. Continue reading

Criminal 1

Criminal 1          Criminal 2- Under The Smoke          Criminal 3- Spark

I have gotten used to it by now. The year is almost over, and I will have the time to cry it out. But now, I have to face it like a man. I must never show any sign of weakness. Continue reading

Forever Alive 6- Erupt

Forever Alive 1    Forever Alive 2    Forever Alive 3    Forever Alive 4    Forever Alive 5    Forever Alive 6    Forever Alive 7    Forever Alive 8    Forever Alive 9

Karim was furious at his parents. As soon as Karen told him they had forbidden her from seeing him, he wanted to race through the storm of rage that erupted from his blood, go home and scream in their face. He wanted to break things, and allow the destruction to manifest itself to the outer world, outside his system. He needed release to everything that had been boiling inside of him. He wanted to call his parents on the spot, tell them he was done with their interference with his life, he was done being the good child, and he was done being their son. But Karen stopped him. She told him they both had known this day would come. They both had known their relationship was doomed from the day they had first met. Continue reading

Forever Alive 5- Fights

Forever Alive 1    Forever Alive 2    Forever Alive 3    Forever Alive 4    Forever Alive 5    Forever Alive 6    Forever Alive 7    Forever Alive 8    Forever Alive 9

I had known Karim to be the emotional type. I have known him to be sensitive, deeply affected and easily hurt. Yet I have known him to hide his insecurities, and cover them in a mask of apathy, and sometimes arrogance. But when it came to Karen, he was not the same guy I’d known. He was irrational, unthinking and impulsive. And sometimes when I looked at the way he acted when he was around her, I felt like I didn’t know the guy the least bit.

When he saw the missed calls and messages from her, his heart skipped a few beats. Had it been someone else, he’d have thrown the phone back on his bed and ignored all attempts of reconciliation. But he eagerly opened her messages to see what she had to say. Continue reading