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Oscar’s World: Part 2 – Blue

He jumped out of bed at 2 a.m, went to his bookshelf, and took out “The Land of Stories”, a book his mother used to read him when he was younger. It was too large for his seven-year-old hands.
He flipped through the pages of the heavy book franctically under the blankets and the torchlight. With a gasp, he stopped and his eyes squinted.

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Oscar’s World: Part 1 – Yellow

Black and white flowers red yellow

The story I will be telling you is among the numerous fabrications of the human mind. It is of such absolute preposterous origins that sane men and women like yourselves and I could not hold with such nonsense. Indeed we would not! We have progressed and could well establish that fine line between reality and fiction; we do not believe in the claims of the dreamers and stargazers.

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Crudelis 3- Strike The Heart

Crudelis 1- Before The Sun          Crudelis 2- Eyes of Grey

The morning air felt cold against Shannon’s skin. She could feel her heartbeats go faster and faster with every touch of her feet on the concrete. She and Miles had been running for almost an hour now and they had barely spoken a word to each other. Next to her was the man she trusted with everything she had. A man who stood firm when the storms were raging and the gales set her ships to unknown anchors. She considered telling him everything. Seek advice, think through things with him echoing her thoughts. But then she would have to tell him everything. Who she’d been and what had brought her here, and for a moment, she almost did start telling him. But then she knew it would be unwise. Miles must know nothing.

“Nervous about tonight?” Miles asked her while they took a small break, looking into her with his loving concern.

“Not if everything goes as planned.” Shannon looked at her friend with eyes that longed to speak. She smiled at him, meeting his gaze. This was a man she knew that in a different world, she would love. Continue reading

Forever Alive 7- Light

Forever Alive 1    Forever Alive 2    Forever Alive 3    Forever Alive 4    Forever Alive 5    Forever Alive 6    Forever Alive 7    Forever Alive 8    Forever Alive 9

As soon as he said it, Karim’s father turned away and walked out of the room. His mother stood motionless, her eyes widened with shock and words were unable to form on her lips. Karim was speechless, and could not even look at his mother, or to say anything. It felt as though icicles were thrust into his body, piercing and jabbing, ripping and gnawing at his insides. The air became thick and breathing heavy. Chill ran through his every organ, and his body was unable to perform. His mind was in total blank, and he was almost unconscious of what happened next. He felt his feet slowly move, carrying him outside of the room where a woman stood silently, and into his own room, and closing the door. He felt his body sitting him down on a chair, for how long he sat, he could not tell, but he did feel his mind growing lucid as memory began to tangle itself into his sense. Why his father had turned from a loving man to what he thought to be an animal he no longer recognized, why he began to abuse his family, especially Karim’s mother. Why he was so angry and short tempered, why hell had broken loose inside their home. All those years he spent blaming him, hating him and wishing his death. All those years he begged his mother to leave him, all those years he thought his father was the reason for the family’s misery. Continue reading

Forever Alive 6- Erupt

Forever Alive 1    Forever Alive 2    Forever Alive 3    Forever Alive 4    Forever Alive 5    Forever Alive 6    Forever Alive 7    Forever Alive 8    Forever Alive 9

Karim was furious at his parents. As soon as Karen told him they had forbidden her from seeing him, he wanted to race through the storm of rage that erupted from his blood, go home and scream in their face. He wanted to break things, and allow the destruction to manifest itself to the outer world, outside his system. He needed release to everything that had been boiling inside of him. He wanted to call his parents on the spot, tell them he was done with their interference with his life, he was done being the good child, and he was done being their son. But Karen stopped him. She told him they both had known this day would come. They both had known their relationship was doomed from the day they had first met. Continue reading