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10 Favourite Books of 2015

10- The Bone Clocks – David Mitchell

10 the-bone-clocks-uk.jpg
As you might have previously seen, Cloud Atlas has topped my Top Books of 2013 list and for good reason.
Although I did not find that The Bone Clocks lived up to Atlas, I find it quite a good read.
It’s as mind-twisting as you would expect a Mitchell novel to be; it’s smart and fairly eloquent; and as opposed to Atlas, it’s quite easy to follow. Also, it has a beautiful and ambitious idea.
At first I was hooked on the book, barely able to breathe at what a marvel I was getting myself into.

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10 Favourite Books of 2013

It’s that time of year again when good-byes are said, and lists of the best moments of the passing year are relived. My way of reliving my year is through books, because every book I read leaves memories with it: Of where I had read it, my emotional state when reading, the images it had painted, and the way it has changed me. So without further ado, here is a list of my favourite books of 2013.
Please note that not all these books were published in 2013, they are simply the best 10 I had read during the year.
10. Azazeel- Youssef ZiedanScreen Shot 2013-12-26 at 6.21.24 PM

Like a whimsical poem, this book gave so much insight about cultures I had never been familiar with. Poetic in language, slow paced and everything a romantic could hope for. Continue reading

Crudelis 5- Novus Initium

Crudelis 1- Before The Sun          Crudelis 2- Eyes of Grey          Crudelis 3- Strike The Heart          Crudelis 4- The Beating Stops
Novus Initium

Shannon could feel her breath return, her veins circulating the blood, her pulse thumping and her nerves starting to shake her into wreck. Davis, the man who had given her the ultimate gift she could have desire, and the sole nemesis who was able to take it back, stood before her after three long years through which she found herself breaking free from the hell she had lived in. Three long years it had been since she had last seen those grey eyes penetrating her soul from the moment she had first met him when Landon had introduced him, hiding behind his irresistible smile and a borrowed name: Liam. Continue reading

Crudelis 4- The Beating Stops

Crudelis 1- Before The Sun          Crudelis 2- Eyes of Grey          Crudelis 3- Strike The Heart


He must die.

There was no other way around what Shannon knew was the inevitable and what she had been avoiding for a long time now. She had been too stupid and too fearful, and she must have known it will all come down to this in the end.

Davis will stop her if he had threatened to do so, she knew he had the power. And as she walked into her apartment after her jog with Miles, she began shivering at the thought that terrified her. Davis was a threat to the three years she had spent planning to reach everything she’d desired, and it was about time she had gotten rid of the danger he imposed.

It took her a quick shower to calm the nerves of the realization. She had 12 hours, during which he must die, and she must kill him. Continue reading