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Cigarette Break and Bright Faces


My cigarette breaks are sacred.

In them I reflect. I organize, and I plan.

You see, I do not think it is the need for nicotine that drives me, but the need to escape.

In the rush of the day and the multitudes of people, you hardly have the time to be on your own, let alone think ahead.

So I run to my cigarette and dive into my own thoughts.

I am pulled back to the surface by a comment on the weather by a familiar voice.

I turn and watch the depressed face of a colleague whose cigarette is another form of escape. Continue reading


Oscar’s World: Part 2 – Blue

He jumped out of bed at 2 a.m, went to his bookshelf, and took out “The Land of Stories”, a book his mother used to read him when he was younger. It was too large for his seven-year-old hands.
He flipped through the pages of the heavy book franctically under the blankets and the torchlight. With a gasp, he stopped and his eyes squinted.

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Oscar’s World: Part 1 – Yellow

Black and white flowers red yellow

The story I will be telling you is among the numerous fabrications of the human mind. It is of such absolute preposterous origins that sane men and women like yourselves and I could not hold with such nonsense. Indeed we would not! We have progressed and could well establish that fine line between reality and fiction; we do not believe in the claims of the dreamers and stargazers.

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Upon the peak of Mountain Star he lived. His back was bent of old age and habit, for he had spent nights and days that eventually turned into a lifetime of labour meticulously searching through sands of the world, to find that occasional grain, that one dust in the wastes that he would keep, carry all the way to his home, nurture, love and then release.
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Crudelis 4- The Beating Stops

Crudelis 1- Before The Sun          Crudelis 2- Eyes of Grey          Crudelis 3- Strike The Heart


He must die.

There was no other way around what Shannon knew was the inevitable and what she had been avoiding for a long time now. She had been too stupid and too fearful, and she must have known it will all come down to this in the end.

Davis will stop her if he had threatened to do so, she knew he had the power. And as she walked into her apartment after her jog with Miles, she began shivering at the thought that terrified her. Davis was a threat to the three years she had spent planning to reach everything she’d desired, and it was about time she had gotten rid of the danger he imposed.

It took her a quick shower to calm the nerves of the realization. She had 12 hours, during which he must die, and she must kill him. Continue reading

Crudelis 3- Strike The Heart

Crudelis 1- Before The Sun          Crudelis 2- Eyes of Grey

The morning air felt cold against Shannon’s skin. She could feel her heartbeats go faster and faster with every touch of her feet on the concrete. She and Miles had been running for almost an hour now and they had barely spoken a word to each other. Next to her was the man she trusted with everything she had. A man who stood firm when the storms were raging and the gales set her ships to unknown anchors. She considered telling him everything. Seek advice, think through things with him echoing her thoughts. But then she would have to tell him everything. Who she’d been and what had brought her here, and for a moment, she almost did start telling him. But then she knew it would be unwise. Miles must know nothing.

“Nervous about tonight?” Miles asked her while they took a small break, looking into her with his loving concern.

“Not if everything goes as planned.” Shannon looked at her friend with eyes that longed to speak. She smiled at him, meeting his gaze. This was a man she knew that in a different world, she would love. Continue reading